About Me

Hi, its great to meet you! Im Emma, the founder of Citrine Sun. I have been in the crystal business for over eight years now, but it doesn't feel like five minutes ... and still I learn something new most days! The crystal world is so vast, with so much to learn that it keeps me excited and enthralled every day. By way of an introduction; I am a mum to two sensational little girls, who are both refusing to stay little and are actually fully fledged teenagers in reality although I do still tell them that they were literally only just born! When I'm not with them or playing with crystals, you'll find me smothering my dog; Bruno; he's a King Charles cavalier cross yorkie and is such a beautiful soul, I feel so lucky he's happy to live out his days with us and we all remind him of that every day!

What I have tried to do here for you all, is condense some that knowledge into easy to read shorter descriptions for each crystal. If you wished, you could spend days reading about just one crystal, and whilst that's fun, sometimes we just need the headlines and that's where I come in. In my opinion, each crystal has a range of uses and properties, but they generally have one or two 'superpowers' ~ the energy that they are most commonly used for. Defining each crystal by its superpowers makes chasing your perfect crystal that much easier. 

This mission, to bring crystal energy to the masses has been driven by a desire to help as many people as I can, weave their way through this crazy experience called life; full of its amazement, challenges, hurdles, pain, grief, joy, happiness, wonder, confusion and all the other emotions we will all no doubt experience. One thing I know is that facing these things is a certainty for most, so to carry a crystal or two (ok or most likely 100) makes it all the sweater, a little less of a struggle ~ just knowing we are tapping into an alternative energy, one that supports and guides, is enough to give you a tingle of magical joy, safe in the knowledge that you are being supported by universal energy! I don't know how I would have coped without mine that's for sure!