Citrine - Deep Dive

Guys ... it has to be a staple for me! Not many days go past when I don't use or wear Citrine in some form or another! It's sunny, happy, positive energy is a constant reminder to me that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond, and when I glance at my bracelet im reminded to be positive and look for the lesson in every situation. I also, of course, run my own business and for anyone who does the same, this abundance attracting crystal is essential!!!
What to do with Citrine?
Wear Citrine all the time, place it in your purse, scatter it about the home, pop in your till, rub over bills and bank statements or pop in your wealth corner!! (just avoid keeping it in a toilet, bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere that has a drain or sink ... you don't want to wash your wealth away!!!)
Hang on, is Citrine actually heat treated Amethyst?
Yes, sometimes! Lots of Citrine you see nowadays is actually amethyst taken through a heat treatment. But don't panic; this isn't necessarily a bad thing! Heat treating Amethyst is just us humans mimicking what the earth does; here's how:
Citrine is a member of the quartz family, just like Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz and amethyst. Citrine is only found in a few places around the world. Natural citrine is formed with Amethyst or smokey quartz get superheated by the earth's mantle. Over time, the amethyst or smokey quartz become citrine. Natural citrine is relatively rare.
Heat treated Citrine is when a piece of amethyst or smokey quartz is heated up to around 900 degrees in a kiln, and therefore it is not 'natural' but rather mimicking what the earth does. Some people believe that because its given a helping hand by humans that it doesn't hold the same properties as natural citrine. But to look at it from another perspective... Mother Earth creates natural citrine our of amethyst and smokey quartz, and so does man. It's the same process. Hopefully that makes you love Citrine ~ even the bits that have been given a helping hand. Since the makeup of these two variations of Citrine is the same, as well as the process of creating Citrine, the metaphysical properties and energy of the stone are similar.
Why do I need Citrine?
Citrine has one of the most powerful energies of all Crystals. It purifies the energy of everything around it, and is one of the few self-cleansing crystals capable of maintaining its own brilliant energy field. Natural Citrine is a potent tool for manifestation, helping us to know our desires and ask the Divine to guide our actions and lead us to Success. When the road is difficult, Natural Citrine lends us strength and banishes feelings of heaviness and darkness from our spirit, replacing it with vibrant golden Light. Citrine’s purifying energy helps protect us from being drained by difficult situations or people 💛 Natural Citrine encourages us to think and feel clearly about what is necessary for our happiness and to confidently do the work necessary to bring that about. It teaches us that when we do the work, we are properly entitled to enjoy the result. Natural Citrine’s purifying energy helps us to keep our thoughts clear and clean, so we can make good decisions and put them into action right away ✨💛📿💞