Crystal Grids

Let’s make a simple crystal grid

Hello 👋 all you lovely people, if you are reading this you have already discovered the amazing qualities of crystals and their benefits. By now you are probably aware of their properties and ways that you can use them, such as wearing them, meditating with them or just having them in a special place on display so you can muse over them. 💎🔮💎

Shall we take it one step further? Imagine the power of several crystals placed geometrically, pouring all your intentions into those chosen crystals....imagine what magic you could create 💫⭐️💫

Well I’m going to give you that magic 😁 the following steps are for a “Good for Anything Grid”, a quick simple grid to get you started on your next journey with your crystals 😁 This grid will enable you to use it for all different situations, and it’s practical too. All you will need is a handful of amethyst and clear quartz crystals and anything else Mother Nature may have at hand 🌸🌼🌞🌼🌸

Your grid

We will use the “flower of life” grid, there are many other grids you can use but this one is a very powerful “good for anything” shape, so if you’re unsure what shape to use this is your best bet 👍🏽

Use this grid to:
* Promotes knowledge and inner awareness🙌🏼
* Increases confidence and self esteem 👊🏼
* Manifests goals and desires🙏🏻
* Restores harmony and balance❤️
* Enhances creativity 🎨
* Attracts wealth and abundance 💰

Placing your crystals

When you see crystal grids it may seem the crystals have been placed willy nilly in a pretty pattern! But there is so much more to it than just a pretty pattern.

There are three crystal positions to always take into account...”the focus stone”, “the way stone” and”the desire stone”.

Focus stone

Your “focus stone” is usually placed in the centre of your grid, this crystal will be the channel crystal which will gather the power of the Universe to your grid which in turn will channel that power to your “way stone” and finally onto your “desire stone”. In general the “focus stone” will be your largest choice, typically a cluster, large point or even a pyramid. 💎🔮💎

Way stone

Your “way stone” will be your tumbles or small points that you arrange immediately around your “focus stone”, this will create a powerful pathway towards your end result.....towards your “desire stone”. 🔮💎🔮

Desire stone

Finally your “desire stone”, again will typically consist of tumbles and small points arranged around the outer edge of your grid. These crystals represent your goal. 💎💜💎

Clear quartz (1) (focus stone)

Clear quartz is known as the “master healer”, its a brilliant all purpose crystal because of its ability to take on energy. Hold your clear quartz close to your heart while thinking of the intention or desire you wish for it to serve you. “Focus stones” are for keeping us centred on what is important, so keep this in mind when charging your crystal. 💎

Amethyst (2) (way stone)

Amethyst has a wide variety of uses and is a very calming, healing and spiritual crystal. This crystal will shift your focus inwards and offer deep spiritual wisdom as it directs its energy to the desired goal. 🔮

Clear quartz (3) (desire stone)

I have repeated this crystal on this grid as it has the ability to adapt to our needs, programme in the same way as your “focus stone” with your innermost desire for the goal or situation you are requiring from your grid. 💎


This is the creative fun part. You can enhance your grid with anything Mother Nature wishes to offer or you feel compelled to add. This can be flowers, shells, feathers absolutely anything, make your grid personal to you add photos and jewellery if you wish....this brings additional meaning to you grid. 🌸🌼🌿🍂🍃🌻🌹


Place your grid in a quiet, sacred place and somewhere you can see it regularly, your bedroom is a great place as this will be the first thing you see when you wake and the last thing you see when you go to bed, reminding you of your intentions set and safe in the knowledge your grid is working as one with the Universe to manifest your desires.

Your grid should remain untouched for 40 days. 🌞🌕🌞🌕🌞

💜😁🙌🏼happy manifesting, may all your wishes come true🙌🏼😁💜