Crystals For Grief

Grief can be such a consuming feeling and we get so many requests for crystals to help with this we thought we would try and tackle this one as soon as possible.

Grief can take so many different forms but usually it is seen as intense sorrow, especially caused by the loss of someone we really care for. Sometimes the pain we experience is so strong we can often feel like it will never stop and we can see no way to end the hurt. Everyone has different ways to cope with grief and there is no right or wrong way ...but there are things we can do to help ourselves and we can promise you that that pain will ease and happiness will start to come back into your life, even if that feels unbelievable right now... we don’t have a choice in the matter, our angels will make sure of it xxx

Crystals are an amazing source of hope and strength for anyone coping with grief; and here are a few of our favourite recommendations;

  • Rhodonite - Rhodonite holds within it the power to heal a broken heart. It stabilises and starts to turn around your feelings to a lighter much more relaxed state. Rhodonite is a slow burning crystal, it works over time so we suggest keeping this crystal close all the time – bracelets are perfect as they stay with you all the time, especially on your left wrist. When you go to bed at night pop your bracelet under your pillow to keep the repairing energies flowing all the time. 
  • Aquamarine - When you hear the name of this crystal you immediately think of the sea and its calming and soothing energies ... hold this crystal close, close your eyes and imagine you are sat on a beach with your toes being splashed by the gentle tide coming in and out. Whilst you sit there let the sea wash away the pain and sorrow, let it go with the tide as it goes out and let the power of the sea refresh you and give you strength. The sea holds such power, the power to regenerate and reinvigorate – this crystal holds that power especially for you.
  • Rainbow Moonstone - Such a healer of trauma ~ and similarly to the sea’s power found in Aquamarine, Rainbow Moonstone is another source of great strength and stability through a time that feels so uncertain and unknown. If we look at the world and nature we see that the sea is ultimately pulled and controlled by the Moon and together these make a force to be reckoned with; the sea (aquamarine) will ground you and the moon (moonstone) will lift you up ... with the added bright light and colour of a rainbow shining joy back into your life once again.
  • Chrysoprase - This lovely green crystal is the bringer of hope. It shows light at the end of the tunnel and gives a sense of hope during times when it feels like there is no hope at all and is incredibly soothing and healing. We stock Chrysoprase as a pendant so that it can be kept close by the chest and heart all the time.
  • Rose Quartz - The thing we need the most, the thing we feel we have had taken away so suddenly ... Love. Rose Quartz is the crystal of love, love for yourself and love for others, a loving hug from the universe and there by your side supporting you along this difficult journey.
  • Amethyst - Amethyst is amazing with its calming energy at helping to heal personal losses and grief, slowly carrying you through the toughest of times. Amethyst has a gentle sedative energy that promotes a sense of peace, happiness, and contentment. It also is said to stabilise emotions.
  • Angelite - This beautiful pale blue crystal helps open up communication channels between you and your angels and assists you in receiving messages of love and comfort from your loved ones who are no longer here with you, and to bring through their energy to aid emotional healing.

As well as wearing these crystals at all times and keeping them close by whilst you sleep, another great way to allow them to heal you is to sit in a meditative position (on the floor with legs crossed) and let your hands relax together in your lap forming a cup to hold our chosen crystal. Sit still, let every muscle in your body relax completely and picture the crystal surrounded by light and love and state out loud or in your mind, your intention for that crystal. Your intention might be to help you cope with the pain, to ease the pain, to give you strength to get through difficult situations... or whatever it is you want that crystal to do for you. Then just relax with intent and let the crystal’s energies start to work their magic ... you need to do this for approximately 20-30 minutes. Repeat this exercise as often as you need. (just make sure you cleanse and recharge your crystal before every use)

With love, hope, strength and a huge warm hug to all of you who are experiencing any form of grief xxxxxx