How Citrine Sun came to be ...

Not too long ago I had the most wonderful tarot card reading, and aside from completely blowing me away, there was one card in particular that brought a tear to my eye, it spoke to me on such a deep level and its meaning sums up exactly what life is about for me. I wanted to hold it close, and carry it with me somehow... and what better way that to name the thing I do all day every day, after this amazing wonder, the Sun. Here's a little insight into the meaning of the card and its energy; 

The Sun ☀️ 

The secret of the Sun's utter joyfulness is this balance of the active and visible, on the one hand, and the hidden and the felt, on the other. The Sun card represents the dichotomy of the conscious and the unconscious minds, and when it arrives, it means those two aspects of your psyche are in a skilful, harmonious balance.

Think, for a moment, what it means for our two forms of consciousness to not be in harmony. When we are all conscious mind with no unconscious, materialism reigns and spirituality is ignored. We can't hear our intuition, and we're cut off from sources of knowledge about ourselves and the world. Likewise, when we are all subconscious, we are out of touch with reality, plagued by nightmares, and prone to debilitating fantasy and paranoia. In the Sun we are whole, the embodiment of psychic health, able not only to enjoy a material world suffused with magic but to bring our magic into the world to manifest our dreams.

In our culture we follow mostly sun-sign astrology. We celebrate our birthdays when the sun returns to its position at the moment of our birth. We identify with the zodiac sign that the sun was in when we were born. We believe that our sun signs represent us in our element. And so when the Sun card pops up, you are likely in your element. You are feeling on top of your game, on top of the world. You are being rewarded for being you, often in little ways you may take for granted. The people who love you for being you want to spend time with you because they enjoy you.

The Sun's mandate is to enjoy the day. Get out under the sky, do something pleasurable, something luxurious, something wonderfully simple. Get an ice cream, sit on some grass, get a massage.

Enjoy being who you are, enjoy this life that you have. Know that your good vibes in large part made it all happen.

But the Sun, needed an ally ... and what better than the crystal that literally embodies the suns energy ... Citrine 💛

People ask me most days; what is my favourite crystal? Wow, what a question… but forced to choose, I just don’t think I could leave Citrine behind! The reason for this, is its unbeatable positivity. Citrine is a hugely optimistic crystal and optimism is a value I hold very dear; I am a huge believer in trying my best to see the good, or at least, the lesson in every situation life may pop in my path. I have been feeling over the last few years that the universe is sending me lesson after lesson, and no matter how welcomed (or not) that lesson may be, I’m grateful for the growth it brings. 

Citrine’s name is derived from the French word citron, meaning 'lemon", because it's believed to give you a zest for life! It can hoover up negative energy, detoxifying your aura and physical body, and waking you up to fresh opportunities! I mean, what’s not to love about that!

& so CITRINE SUN ☀️ was born, two words that hold so much personal resonance for me, that I wanted them to be a permanent part of my business moving forward, as a reminder to always be my own sun, and choose to count only blessings 🥰☀️


* The tarot reading I had was read by Alice Grist, from her own wonderful deck, The Rebel Heart Tarot (what an amazing deck name!). The description of the card above is courtesy of Michelle Tea from her wonderful book 'Modern Tarot', a book lent to me at the most perfect time, by the very talented lady who is responsible for my branding ; Gretel from Gretel & Ginger Design Studio, thank you x