Life Changing Crystals Bracelets!

Does it matter what wrist I wear my bracelets on?

Well, actually it kinda does! 🤩 The left side of your body, which is seen as the feminine side, deals with your internal self. It receives energy from outside your body and helps you make positive “shifts” sending healing energies through the body. Your right side, seen as the masculine side of your body, is your “action” side. It control the energy you put into your outside environment and how you take action in the world outside.

Wearing your Crystal Bracelet on Left Side (receptive hand)

The left side of your body deals with your internal self and controls stresses from your outside environment. Wear your crystal bracelets on the left side if you want to receive its healing energy and internal benefit. For example, wear Amethyst on your left side if you want to reduce emotional stress. To protect yourself from negative energy, wear black tourmaline on your left side. It’s your most sensitive side and deals with the change you want to make from the inside. For example:

  • Sunstone Bracelet worn on left side may help one to receive what you desire and fulfill your needs.
  • Wear Rose Quartz Bracelet on your left, to be more loving to yourself.
  • ·To reduce emotional stress, wear your Amethyst Bracelet on our left wrist.
  • Wear your Black Tourmaline, Lava Rock or Turquoise Bracelet on your left side, to protect yourself from negative energy.
  • For self-confidence wear Red Tigers Eye Bracelet on left side.
  • Wear Prehnite or Hematite on left side to receive intuition.

Wearing your Crystal Bracelets on your Right Side (giving hand)


Your right side is more about how you take action and control the energy you put into your outside environment. When you want to send its power outward and give its healing properties to others, wear your Crystal Bracelet on the right side. For example, wear Amethyst on your right side if you like provide a calming environment that others can also benefit from.

  • Wear Sunstone Bracelet on right wrist, will aid in channeling, healings, and blessings to others.
  • ·Wear Rose Quartz bracelet on your right wrist, to be more loving toward others.
  • Wear Amethyst bracelet on your right wrist, to help provide a calming environment that others can also benefit from.
  • Wear your Black Tourmaline or Black Onyx Bracelet on your right wrist, to protect family from negativity.

For best energetic benefit from you Gemstone Bracelet try to find the correct balance between your left and right sides. Wear on your left and right wrists in specific combinations to help you better achieve what you desire.

Can You Wear Multiple Bracelets?

There is no specific rule to limit on how many crystal bracelets you can wear at once. However, it doesn’t mean the more you wear the more benefits you get. Get to know each crystal before you combine different pieces, start by using one bracelet at a time. Notice how its energy effects your mind and spirit. Then set your intention for your second piece and wear it for few days and pay close attention to the shift in energy.

Focus Into Balancing


When chakra bracelets are worn, it helps to keep the seven Chakras at their right energy levels causing the wearer to feel more balanced. The task becomes attainable as it helps to focus on keeping the chakras open and replace negative thoughts with an optimistic outlook towards life. These bracelets acts as an alternative medicine for curing physical, spiritual and emotional ailments and promotes vitality.