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Citrine Sun Crystals

AURALITE 23 Bracelets 🤩

AURALITE 23 Bracelets 🤩

The unique combination of minerals in Auralite 23 is believed to give it a wide range of healing properties, including the ability to promote spiritual growth, enhance meditation, and balance the chakras.

Experience the rare beauty and powerful benefits of AURALITE 23 bracelets. This unique crystal is found exclusively in the Canadian Shield region of Ontario and contains 23 minerals and elements, including amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, and hematite. Move beyond the physical realm and tap into your spiritual self with the help of AURALITE 23, which is said to stimulate and enhance intuition and psychic abilities, access higher realms of consciousness, and calm the mind and body.

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Remember Your Selenite!

Did you know, Selenite has the power to cleanse all your other crystals! So pop a piece in your dish of crystals to give them a well earned cleanse.

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