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Citrine Sun Crystals

Brandenberg Amethyst

Brandenberg Amethyst


Brandenberg has exceedingly high vibrations, connecting to the immensity of your being and All That Is. This is a powerful stone for spiritual alchemy and is perfect for deep soul-healing. It helps you retain awareness of traversing other dimensions and the insights that you find there. Multi-functional, each stone carries the resonance of Clear, Smoky and Amethyst vibrations no matter what its colour.

A Brandenberg clears the higher heart chakra and opens the throat, so that spiritual truth is spoken with unconditional love and compassion. A master healer, it restores vitality by taking you into the most perfect energetic state possible and activating the divine hologram within your soul.

Although individual Brandenbergs carry the vibration of Smoky, Amethyst and Clear, each colour assists differently. Smoky Brandenberg is the finest tool for removing implants, attachments, spirit possession or mental influence; it assists conscious transition. If you took on a disease - physical or psychosomatic - or traumatic circumstances for karma or soul-growth, then Smoky Brandenberg helps you face the remainder of your current life with equanimity and joy, knowing that your situation is exactly right for your evolution. Amethyst Brandenberg heals past-life heartbreak or soul-contracts, manifesting a partner who totally supports who you are, while Clear Brandenberg reconnects you to the purity of your being.

Brandenberg Amethyst contains unique phantoms, layers and inclusions that work in concert to help you reach the perfect energy pattern. This process helps to remove blockages and beliefs and restore the perfect blueprint your soul started with. The powerful vibrations of the Amethyst can help to reveal and re-imprint future possibilities and potential for you and generations to come.

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