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Citrine Sun Crystals

Evil Eye Bead Bracelets

Evil Eye Bead Bracelets


Blue is the most common color for the evil eye symbol. It's believed to reflect the color of the Mediterranean sea, and it's associated with protection and good luck.


Green is often associated with growth, fertility, and harmony. A green evil eye can represent protection against jealousy and envy while promoting positive energy.


Yellow represents happiness, joy, and optimism. A yellow evil eye may be used to ward off negative thoughts and bring positivity.


Red is a color associated with courage and strength. A red evil eye can symbolize protection against harm and danger.


A black evil eye is often used to ward off evil spirits and negative energy. It's considered a powerful protective color.


White is associated with purity and innocence. A white evil eye can represent protection against negative influences that might affect your innocence or purity.

 Pale Pink:

A pale pink evil eye might symbolize protection for gentle and loving relationships. It could also represent a desire to ward off negativity that threatens the warmth and kindness in one's life.

 Neon Pink:

A neon pink evil eye might symbolize protection against intense jealousy, envy, or negativity that is particularly noticeable or conspicuous. It could also signify a strong desire to maintain a dynamic and lively energy while warding off any negative influences that might hinder it.


Protection against negativity affecting creativity, vitality, optimism, and social connections.


Protection related to spirituality, wisdom, transformation, balance, creativity, and mystical influences.

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