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Green Aventurine ~ The Luckiest Of All Crystals

Green Aventurine ~ The Luckiest Of All Crystals

πŸ€πŸ’šGreen aventurine is a crystal for grounding and stability. If you have a tendency to overthink or ruminate over situations and get stuck in your mind, green aventurine will help bring you back to your physical body and your connection to the Earth.

πŸ’šπŸ€Glittering green aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all the crystals. Full of winning energy it is a positive stone for manifesting prosperity, wealth and abundance. It not only brings good fortune, but also provides opportunities to help you to create your own luck.

How to use green aventurine:

πŸ’š1. Keep it on you.

While you can certainly keep green aventurine somewhere in your home, Aventurine can have stronger effects when you interact with it directly and keep it on you during the day.

Before you start your day, hold it and say, "I am lucky," three times! Carry it in your pocket or purse throughout the day, and squeeze it, knowing that luck is on your side. Whenever your aventurine is with you, expect the best outcome in every situation.

πŸ’š2. Keep it somewhere associated with money.

If you're looking for some financial luck, place green aventurine in places where you might expect cash to grow, such as a cash box, a drawer where you keep your bills, or in your wallet.

πŸ’š3. Build a crystal grid for Abundance.

Green aventurine is a great stone to include in a crystal grid to attract and amplify abundance. Set your intention for the grid, and choose your crystals, opting for other crystals associated with money and/or luck, such as citrine, tigers eye, pyrite, amber, and jade.

From there, lay your grid out using sacred geometry, perhaps keeping it on an altar or in some space where you'll see it, to remind you of your intention.

πŸ’š4. Use it in your garden.

Green aventurine guides earthly energy up into the roots of plants, to pulse vitality through them. Bury a Green Aventurine in the soil of your garden or potted plant, and add a clear quartz for some extra energy amplification.

πŸ’š5. Make a spell jar.

If you're into working with magic, a spell jar for money might certainly interest you, and green aventurine can be used in it!

πŸ’š6. Use it in heart chakra work.

Given its green color, this crystal is also great for working with the heart chakra (which is also associated with green). Place your green aventurine over your heart to open your heart chakra to giving and receiving love.

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Green Aventurine:
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